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Opening hours

Monday10am - 8pm
Tuesday10am - 8pm
Wednesday10am - 8pm
Thursday10am - 9pm
Friday10am - 9pm
Saturday8am - 9pm
Sunday10am - 7pm

Handmade donuts, brownies, cookies and more, made just for you!


Batch’d is a Yorkshire made brand that specialises in selling an enormous range of high-end, artisan desserts made via small batch production from a variety of local bakeries.


The products they sell aren’t factory made; instead, they are lovingly created by local artisans passionate about their craft. Batch’d prides itself on finding new, quirky, and most importantly extremely tasty products.


Because their business model sources various suppliers, they can offer an immensely diverse, incomparable range of high-quality desserts.

Don’t be shy, give Batch’d a try!