Blog: Fosse Foxes Trail

As we write this in the middle of February, we’re stuck in another national lockdown and Fosse Park is looking a fair bit quieter than usual. However, there has been a lot of activity going on behind the scenes and we have some exciting announcements coming your way!

The first of these is an update on the Fosse Foxes art trail, which is planned to launch alongside the opening of Fosse Park West and Food Central in early 2021. Each fox is uniquely hand-painted by either directly by aspiring local artists, or brought to life by our resident artists with inspiration from local community groups and organisations. Collectively they tell the story of the history, nature and culture of the local area. The trail will take visitors around Fosse Park, Everards Meadows and Blaby District Council will be extending the trail into the district to take on some popular tourism destinations.

Inviting the public to be involved with the project introduced an element of the unknown… we had no idea what the public entries would look like. Would there be enough entries? Would they cover inspiring themes? What would the quality of the artwork be like?

However, these unknowns undoubtedly turned out to be some of the project’s strongest elements. The quality of design in the applications received were absolutely astounding. Every design we reviewed had its merits, but picking the designs that would get turned into the final foxes was far from an easy task – we could easily have approved double our final number. We’re hoping we’ll be able to showcase some of these wonderful designs in the near future, including the ones that didn’t quite make the final selection. Each is an amazing miniature artwork in its own right with a story the artist wants to tell.

The artist’s job on the Fosse Foxes is now complete, and they are making their way to Fosse Park to be mounted on plinths and receive a lick of varnish ready for the big unveil… and we cannot tell you how excited we are for that moment!

This is a great opportunity to extend our thanks to every person who submitted an entry to the competition, everyone who has worked so hard to actually paint a fox or provide design inspiration, and a special thanks go out to Lauren and Olivia from Pickle Illustration, our resident artists who have been instrumental in making this incredible project happen and have worked so hard with our community groups.

Stand by for the unveiling of the Fosse Foxes!