Earth Day 2022 at Fosse Park

As we look to the future, sustainability is a main focus for everyone at Fosse Park. We will continue to make changes to reduce our impact on the environment and invest in our planet.

Did you know…

  • Fosse Park has helped to donate 18,500 meals over the last 4 months and redistributed them to families in need across Leicestershire via Fare Share, East Midlands food poverty network.
  • We have 16 Electric vehicle bays free of charge to visitors
  • We have PV solar panels on the West Fosse Park development which is used to help power Food Central
  • We have living walls in Fosse lanes which encourage to purify the air and regulate temperature. They are computer controlled for water and feed.
  • Bee hotel on fosse lanes
  • Wildflower garden along soar valley way
  • Sustainable travel with go travel to reduce cars into the site. 38% off our staff use a sustainable source of travel- Bus, bike, or car share.
  • Natural air in food central- no air con or heating
  • Water conservation- We have smart water flush systems that are on timers and meters
  • Energy conservation – West side of the development is fitted with light sensors and timers as well as LED lights as well as the refurbed parts of Fosse Park North
  • 6 of our Food Central restaurants currently take part in Too Good To Go to ensure leftover food doesn’t end up in the bin

Opening hours for individual stores and restaurants may vary.