The winners of our Fosse Foxes competition!

We asked you to help design ten life-size fox models to be a part of our Fosse Foxes trail, and we saw over 100 submissions. Entrants were asked what Leicester means to them and how it inspired their design. Here are our ten winners and the names of their foxes:
1. Bethan Griffiths – ‘Votes for women!’
2. Danielle Tomlinson Art – ‘Sir David’
3. Art by Bhav – ‘Lila’
4. Emma Gamble – ‘Blossom’
5. Gracie Lawrence – ‘Vulpecula’
6. Nicola Carlin, Little Bear & Us – ‘Dear Little One…’
7. Seema Jaffer – ‘Artie’
8. Lorna Macdougald – ‘Seasonal Tattoo’
9. Esther Hartshorn – ‘Mr Botanical’
10. – ‘The Fox in Socks’
The talented local artists will now receive their life-size foxes to paint ready to be displayed in our Fosse Foxes trail at the centre and surrounding area in early 2021.