Improvement Works At Fosse Park

Improvement works at Fosse Park

Improvement works started at Fosse Park North during December 2023 and are expected to continue until summer 2024.

The work will complement the storefront improvements that were previously undertaken at Fosse Park.

In addition to this, this month (February) we will be commencing repairs to roofs in the North which are expected to continue on a phased programme until May 2024.
We will continue to manage visitor movements around the site with clear signage that we are open as usual during this time.

Some of the car park and traffic movements will also be adjusted during this time within the North car park. Food Central will remain open as usual during this time.

Should you have any questions please contact the centre management team on


Can I still park in the North car park?
Yes, other than some of the road layout being adjusted to accommodate hoarding, you can still enter and exit the north car park.

Can I still get into Food Central from the North car park?
Yes, the north entrance will remain open and operating as per normal during this time.

How long is the hoarding staying up for?
Some hoardings will be up until summer 2024 and others will come down as the works progress and complete. We will keep you updated as the works progress via our What’s On section.

What’s happening behind the hoardings?
The landlord is carrying out some maintenance works to the units and roofs.

Why have accessible bays and parent & child bays been reduced?
The bays have been reallocated elsewhere to make way for a temporary road layout. We have not reduced the number of bays for disabled badge holders or parents.