It’s getting hot at Fosse Park

June Heatwave

If you are planning to visit us this week please do take some precautions to make your visit enjoyable to us here at Fosse Park.

Schedule earlier or later visit

The Sun tends to be it’s strongest between 11am-3pm. Try and visit earlier in the day or later in the day to enjoy your visit.

Stay indoors

Try and spend your time in an indoor or covered area and avoid being in direct sunlight for too long. Walk in the shade whenever you can.


Drink regularly even if you don’t feel thirsty and carry water with you on your journey into and from Fosse Park.

Cover up

Bring a hat, sunglasses and top up on sun protection lotion. Wear loose, light weight and light coloured clothes.


Try to leave pets at home if you can. If you must bring them with you, please do not leave them unattended in your car. Bring a drink and portable bowl for your pets too to keep them refreshed.


Make sure your little ones are covered up – hat, sun lotion, and have plenty of fluids. Use covers and parasols if they are travelling in a buggy. Avoid providing shade with a blanket which can trap heat.

For more advice on how to keep well during the heatwave visit here.

You can find out more about weather predictions this week here.


Opening hours for individual stores and restaurants may vary.